I am a former literary success seeking reinvention. I was never much of a handwringer. Nor one to dwell for unnecessarily long periods on the past. I know where I went wrong but I am uncertain as to remedy. Two things are for sure though; it is time to push for change, and I am prepared to try.

The dictionary defines an essay as no more that an attempt. There is little or no guarantee of success. A blog is also an attempt: the more successful ones being resonant, despite the time intervals, of the successful essay. At such a heady level blogs are to essays as pulsars are to the shining stars. As I have already said, I am prepared to try. I once read somewhere that an essay is a place where a writer should relax and take a breather. I am prepared to try that too.

I am up for this. I do not intend too much boring self examination, but inevitably there will be some. However, there should be lessons to learn for all those who write no matter what stage they are at in their careers; perhaps for those who never scribble a word other than the annual Christmas greeting, this blog is for you too. Hubris inevitably plays its role and which of us can say we are not, in part, driven by conceit.

Who is G.H. Morris and where is he headed? I shall be as interested to know the answer to that question as any of those who accompany me on my blog.


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